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Snowbird Property Management

iStock_000011787932_Small2When you leave North Idaho to go to your other home, or to get away for a while, it can be worrisome to leave your home unattended. Homes need ongoing care and attention if they are to remain in good repair, and safe from questionable characters. Snowbird’s Property Management, a division of Property Management Services Corporation, we provide the services you need to properly care for your home while you are away. For however long you are gone, you know that your house is being taken care of.

For a reasonable fee, we can monitor your home, take care of seasonal needs and prepare the home for your return. We can even open up the home for the use of guests or family.

Because we are a property management company, we have the resources to take care of every facet of your home. We can handle everything, from blowing out your sprinkler system to minor remodeling projects. You just let us know the level of service you need, and we will provide it.

If you would like to learn more about our services, please contact us now. Together we can determine exactly what you need us to do to make you feel completely secure about your home while you are away.